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It is an example of dinner.
It is a Japanese set meal such as appetizers, bowls, sashimi, pots, pottery and pottery.
Please understand that we can not respond to your tastes and allergies.
  • Direct production place! Crab plan

                                   Other dishes are seasons Also, there are changes depending on the plan.  
  • Steaming plan Mochibuta Pork

                            Healthy menu with extra fat dropped by steaming
                            Serve with seasonal vegetables.
                            Cooking changes according to the season and plan.
  • Shabu-shabu plan Mochibuta Pork

                           The food, Japanese pork Mochibuta, is grown in the beautiful air and water at the Mochibuta of the Akagi Kogen, along with seasonal vegetables.
                           Please elegant taste delightfully.
                           Mochibuta is a kind of Mochibuta, and it is bred as specialty pork from all over the country because of its meat quality and refined taste.
  • An example of breakfast.