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It is an image of breakfast for service.

·We will ask you if you have breakfast at check-in.
·The free light breakfast (bread, coffee, etc.) is also popular.
·This is part of a free service, depending on allergies, tastes, cultural reasons, etc.
We do not respond to changes in ingredients, etc.

★All five baths can be reserved for private use★
【Charter fee is free】Please take a bath as many times as you like
Kusatsu Onsen even rare Sainokawara hot spring source and Bandai
Of course, it is flowing from the source
Please enjoy the hot water comparison to your heart's content.

Supper at Kusatsu Onsen restaurant!

Kusatsu Town Restaurant Association
QR code of "delicious navigation" that is convenient for walking
If you step out of the inn, you will find various shops and restaurants in the shopping district.
In winter, the road is very convenient because it melts snow.
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    • Meals at Kusatsu Onsen

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  • An example of breakfast.