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About the situation of the road in winter!

There is a grounded outlet for charging EVs and PHEVs.There is no charging cable, so please bring your own.

This Yuyado Miyuki main building is located in the center of town.Facilities with parking space are limited on Yu-batake Street,
The same applies to the parking lot of this facility, and not all customers' cars can be placed.
In particular, low-height vehicles and large vehicles cannot be placed.Therefore, please understand that we may use another parking lot.

Kusatsu Onsen is located in the highlands at an altitude of 1.300m.During the winter, it snows and the road freezes.
Especially after 17:00, the road will slip even more, so
As much as possible, it is safer to arrive by 17:00.Also, normal tires are not allowed!

★Notice of winter closure period of Route 292 Go Shiga Kusatsu Road
From 13:00 on Friday, November 11, 2022
 ~ 10:00 on Friday, April 23, 2023
【section】Tenguyama Gate-Shibu-toge Gate
Please be sure to check before you go out.(0279-88-0001)

About road congestion
Saturdays and holidays, before the national holiday is that of the World Heritage Site near the Tomioka Silk Mill of Tomioka is quite a traffic jam. Also,
Karuizawa, there will be more traffic than you think during the summer and public holidays.
It is said that National Route 18Please come with plenty of time.
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Hotel Name

Hotel Miyuki Main Building


482 Kusatsu Town, Agatsuma County

Telephone number



From JR Naganohara Kusatsuguchi Take a bus Kusatsuonsen Station From JR Naganohara Kusatsuguchi Take a bus at Kusatsuonsen Station 10 minutes on foot From Kanetsu Expressway Shibukawa Ikaho IC Kusatsu Onsen towards Kanetsu Expressway Shibukawa Ikaho IC Kusatsu Onsen, about 90 minutes

No transfer
It is about 10 minutes on foot.Please take a short stroll through the town.
  • Kusatsu Onsen MAP

                              Both main buildings and annex buildings are conveniently located for easy access to each sightseeing spot.
                              The main building is in the shopping area, the annex building is a 1 minute walk to the shopping district and it is convenient for shopping.
                              Yu-batake 260 m to Yu-batake, 60 m to Sai no kawara

                              The arrow on the map indicates one way.
                              Guests coming by car, please be careful.
                              Also the road width is narrowing, so please be careful enough.
  • When using a car

                 Access method 1:Tokyo
                 Kanetsu Highway toward Kusatsu Shibukawa Ikaho ICI and about 90 minutes from Route 145 to 292 go

                 Access method 2:Nagoya
                 Chuo Expressway Okaya JCT Expressway Okaya JCT, take the Nagano Expressway and Koshoku JCT toward Koshoku JCT to Joshinetsu Road Ueda Ueda Sugadaira IC, take National Route 144 to Otsu.Up to Kusatsu by Route 292

                 Parking:There is a limit to the space on the premises.Other parking lots (8 minutes on foot) are available so we can guide you.

                 Since the parking lot is in the city, please contact us if you are using a large car or a low car.
  • People who come by train / bus